2019 Goals

1. Be Brave

I’ve been embarrassed about being alive since I was 8 or 9 years old, nearly always uncomfortable in my body and afraid to reveal my thoughts because of the potential for ridicule or backlash. I’m tired of it! I want to be brave in my art, in my writing, and allow more vulnerability in all of my creative endeavors.

I made this! I can hardly believe it 😮 This is an early look at Friday’s post on abitofmiranda.com and I’m incredibly excited about this achievement 🙂

2. Be Confident

I spend too much time second guessing and doubting my decisions, and half the time that’s because of fear of what other people will think. Stop caring! Wear the fun clothes, add the flair, be extra. It is long past time for me to embrace what makes me happy.

I still wonder what amazing dress I would have chosen for prom if I hadn’t been mortified by my body when I was 18. It wouldn’t have been a salmon pink halter dress I can tell you that much – I picked this one because I was tired of trying things on and I didn’t 100% hate it.

3. Be Attentive

Put my phone down. Play with the cats more often. Do yard work without headphones on. Avoid thinking, “I don’t need to write this down, I’ll totally remember it!” only to forget it later on. Put in the effort and pay attention. I need to listen to myself when I have a good idea.

This sweet girl deserves more time with the laser pointer.

4. Be Happy

2018 was a big year for self discovery. I’ve learned more about what I do and don’t want, how I’d like to spend my time, and how to cope with letting go of junk both physical and emotional. It’s been surprisingly challenging and uncomfortable to examine what makes me happy because it conflicts with old habits and long-held traditions. Have those things always made me unhappy (and I didn’t know any better), or have I changed? Rhetorical question in this instance because I know I’ve changed. And I’m here for it. Take it away, 2019.

For instance, I’d like to share more videos of my plant tending! This is the first one I did and I have a lot to learn.

Happy New Year!

x – happy beast

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