Writer’s Block #1

Keeping up with this blogging schedule has been a complete piece of cake. Back in July I was bursting with ideas, waking in the night to jot down topics, compiling photos and creating albums, my brain going bonkers with excitement and planning. Here, today, now, is my first rut. The idea well has run nearly dry.

The simpler days of summer when my cup runeth over with blog content

There are a number of ideas bouncing in my mind, but none are complete enough for me to create something worth sharing. Perhaps instead I can use this week to explore topics that I plan on writing about. A fun little preview!

One topic that I am looking forward to writing about is the small changes I’ve been making toward a more conscientious life. Removing paper towels from my home, researching companies to check their dedication to sustainable practices, and seeking out special recycling events in my county are just a few of the steps that I’ll be sharing. It feels oddly huge and stressful to make these changes, I’ve found, and I hope to encourage others by sharing my experiences.

Attack of the Monstrously Sized Brass Watering Can – coming to theatres summer 2019

A second topic? Plants and plant care! Up until two years ago I killed every plant I had – causing great confusion and displeasure for my green-handed mother, who gave me said murdered plants – but now I have ten happy houseplants and tons of succulents propagating. It has turned into an incredibly fulfilling hobby and I want to share what I’ve learned about keeping plants alive, as well as provide my general insight about finding joy in the process.

The third idea I have involves a photo shoot with some of the items in my figurine cabinet. As a child I liked to setup my favorite toys for display around my room, and now as an adult I have a lot of beautiful, detailed figures and pieces around my house! Most of the items are high quality, but even the cheaper ones are still colorful and fun and bring a lot of cheer to my life.

Watch out Mario! Boo is gonna getcha


It is frustrating to experience a block when I also have a lot of ideas. Sometimes the words simply won’t come together. This has helped, though. I’m feeling very motivated to start taking photos and compiling enjoyable posts 🙂 and after all, isn’t that why I’m doing this?

x – happy beast

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