Meet the Cats: Data Edition!

This is Data. He’s five years old, 22 pounds, and is a huge baby. Notable hobbies include licking hands until he passes out, jumping on backs when someone bends over to put on shoes, and crying in the kitchen when he wants attention.

He has derp eyes and usually gets kitty litter on his face 😂


Sometimes we are #blessed with a tiny blep

Likes: being the little spoon, digging in the litter box, licking noses and necks, eating plastic, cardboard boxes that are too small, playing in paper, going outside, being held, shoelaces, crinkly items, and ice cubes

Dislikes: sunbeams, being ignored, being nice to Picard, and nail trimmings


Kitten Data!! Look at that tiny bear face 

We adopted Data on February 27th, 2014 (five years today!). He was fostered before arriving at the Humane Society and was extremely friendly and socialized when we brought him home. His kennel card warned us that he was a cuddler and a lover! I’m happy to say that we were not let down. Perhaps the best thing about him is that at night I can count on him to come and get in bed with me. When I wake in the night I usually find him cuddled in my arms, being the little spoon, and purring contentedly as I pull him in closer for a sleepy hug.


Thanks for reading all about Data!

⭐ – miranda (🦡)

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