Meet the Cats: Picard Edition!

She likes a soft belly rub!

Picard was was a tiny, scabby, semi-feral thing with an irresistibly cute face when we brought her home on October 7th, 2013 ❤ She was found on the streets at 12 weeks old, and the lack of socialization made her a difficult kitten.

The first year was rough! She was unpredictable and moody, but still loved us and our attention; she could be found sleeping on our pillows every night and sitting on our heads and shoulders while we watched TV.

My only regret is we don’t have more photos of her from kittenhood.


Queen of blankets.

These days she’s quite mellow and pleasant to be around (if still very picky). She talks all the time, screaming when she’s picked up (even though she likes it), yowling in the hallway, and trilling while she purrs. We have full blown conversations on the daily.


Likes: potato chips, sniffing fingernails and eyeballs, playing chase, sunbeams, sitting in front of the heater, catching bugs, isolation from Data, flirting, eating plants, hiding, and sleeping on Morgan

Dislikes: my singing, playing with Data, being told no, nail trimmings, and the vacuum cleaner


She’s a bit misunderstood but we’re lucky to have her, and she’s lucky to have us! Her prickly personality makes her sweet, cuddly moments that much more special. Thanks for reading about my goofy little kitty 🙂

⭐ – miranda (🦡)

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