Uproot and Run – a rebrand, I guess!

Surprise Wednesday post! I’ve decided to ‘rebrand’ my site. There is a pet food store in Colorado called Happy Beast and I don’t want to step on their toes. I came up with The Happy Beast initially because I’m an angry person who would like to be happier, and I prefer to play as a half-orc barbarian in Dungeons and Dragons. Boom, brainstorming.

So, last night I tapped into my cool friend for some creative help and found myself with Uproot and Run. I believe in ‘bloom where you are planted’ but I also believe in ‘if you can leave, then yeah, do that’. And I can leave! I can leave metaphorically, mentally, emotionally – I can leave the anger. Or at least try.

⭐ – miranda (🦡)

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