Forest, wandered.

It’s a privilege to live in such a lush, green area, and it’s a pain to have such a high strung phobia of bees, bee-like-creatures and spiders. I like to spend time outside but it is constantly punctuated by brief shrieks of terror, followed by embarrassed assurances that everything is fine. All the same, the warm weather and sweet scent of grass calls to me, and I find myself outside.

My day job involves an office building and a whole lot of sitting. It drives me crazy to be immobile all week! But, on days when things are quiet, I have the pleasure of accessing a quarter mile trail that’s behind my building’s complex. It winds through trees, past a creek, and is peppered with benches and information placards.

Technically I’m a photographer by trade (since it’s what I went to college for) but I discovered that I wasn’t wild about it as an actual career option. For the past few years I’ve hardly taken any photos, really. The joy got a bit sucked out. But lately I’m feeling the tickle, the sparking urge to capture and share anything and everything! It’s a tremendous relief, and this nature walk was an incredibly fun photo opportunity.

The air was hot, even the shade was warm and thick, with just a slight, muggy breeze blowing. I saw every shade of green, seemingly every shape and texture possible, all laid out and waiting in the woods. I was outside for maybe half an hour, but it felt like a weekend vacation for how refreshed it left me. Touching each plant, peering into logs, caressing the long and fragile stems of wheat-like grass. There was even an apple tree.

It felt good to get out and appreciate what’s essentially in my backyard. The variety of flora in this area is astounding, and most of the time I allow it to pass me in a whirl of blurred scenery without a detail to note.

Perhaps that’ll happen less often now.

x- happy beast

Hot air balloon blouse – modcloth | Bunting necklace (no longer sold) – modcloth

shot with my Pixel 2 XL | edited with Adobe Lightroom App

2 thoughts on “Forest, wandered.

  1. This reminds me of walking through the trails in my backyard. I was out there constantly, just walking and looking at everything! It was very therapeutic and made me feel magical.


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