Figment of my Wardrobe #1 – Sandals

When I was a teenager I didn’t really like sandals because they never seemed to be comfortable; even on the hottest days you’d find me wearing Converse with white socks (something that a long-time friend of mine told me drove her crazy, hah!). I’m totally into sandals now, though, and I’m low-key on the hunt for a good yellow pair.

I haven’t found them yet, but in my searching I’ve seen a ton of great ones and felt inspired. So, here are five cute pairs of sandals and how I’d style them, because why not? Feels like it’ll be fun. This also feels like a good time to start a ‘series’ here at The Happy Beast. “Figment of my Wardrobe” will showcase the fantasy items I’d love to be able to wear, and celebrate the art and design of clothing.


  1. Green suede tie sandals

Twirl Back in Time dress Cruisin’ Suede sandals Inclined to Glee dress

In my opinion there aren’t enough green shoes in the world; saturated forest, warm olive, deep emerald. This pair of sandals uses the perfect material to showcase its shade, and the extra wide fabric makes them seem luxurious, like the curtains Scarlett O’Hara uses to make a dress in Gone with the Wind. They’d go perfectly with both dresses for a late summer/early fall outing. Maybe lunch, or to a museum.

2. Black strappy sandals

Awaken Your Enthusiasm dress Inviting Optimism sandals Elegance is Everything dress

This pair of sandals seems perfect for a day at the park or beach. I like to be barefoot, but I’m also afraid of spiders to the point that I no longer enjoy going sans shoes in the grass (sigh), so a pair this thin would allow me to wiggle my toes on land or sea and still get the experience. They’d pair nicely with the orange dress for someone going to a carnival at a boardwalk, and the sandals with the white dress combo makes me want to fly straight to Paris.

3. Yellow ankle strap sandals

Mint and Bee Floral dress Put to Walk sandals Pleasant Temperament dress

Okay, the mint and floral dress makes me wish I was at a butterfly house, or perhaps enjoying sandwiches in an old English garden. I enjoy how evocative the print is! Plus, the yellow shoes are a near perfect match to the color of the middle flowers. This particular pair is made by Blowfish, and I’ve had great luck with their sandals in the past.

4. Black wide-strap cat sandals

Golden Scrolls romper Loly in the Sky Mews sandals Sartorial Secret dress

Black cat sandals, hell yes. I love that, if you live somewhere temperate year round, they can be used for a neat summer outfit or a more conservative autumn situation. The black long sleeved dress is gorgeous, but very sophisticated, so the kitty shoes keep it fun. I’ve never worn a romper before, but I think the sandals would look awesome with the gold Alfred Shaheen one on the left!

5. Brown faux-suede wedge sandals

Genuine Genius dress Chelsea Crew Stacked Throwback sandals Swirled Flower dress

The elegance of these faux-suede sandals makes me wish I could go to the airport and fly straight to Italy. I’m sure the gorgeous oceanside town dress on the left is fueling that a bit! I’ll take a glass coke and a parasol please, so that I may enjoy the streets of Italia. After that I’ll don the flowy dress on the right and check out some monuments and historic sites. Get myself some street vendor flowers, too.


Okay, this was incredibly fun and self-indulgent and I look forward to doing it again. Do you have any sandal recommendations for me? I don’t like having things between my toes, so no flip-flips or toe straps of any kind :O

x- happy beast

Shoes found via Modcloth Dresses found via Modcloth, Unique Vintage, & Yumi


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