An afternoon in Seattle

Going to Seattle is kind of a pain. On a map it doesn’t look far, and on paper it’s easy to get there, but the reality is constant, crawling traffic on I5 (as you approach Tacoma) that turns what should be a 75 minute drive into a 2+ hour slog. That, or catching a ferry that you have to wait 10-70 minutes for (depending on how you time it), then there’s the actual travel time on the boat. My point is that it’s not actually that quick/easy to get to Seattle from where I live. So when I go I try to really make it worth it. Snatch up every ounce of fun, I suppose. Bring on that ever elusive happiness *・゚✧

On this particular day we went to visit some family, and after that we decided to do something exciting that Morgan hadn’t done before: eat at Dick’s Drive-In! A worthy trip indeed.

the sun was so obscenely bright, even with my eyes clenched shut @_@

It was a toasty high 80s and completely perfect outside. Seattle on a clear day is simply stunning, and we greatly enjoyed walking through Queen Anne while stopping to admire many of the beautiful homes. It’s almost disorienting to pass such a wide array of structures; Single Family Homes wedged in with four-unit (and more) apartment complexes, modern and sleek structures next door to incredible pre-WWI estates.

brb seeing if they have rooms for rent

Morgan and I own our home, and we each have a car, but seeing all of the incredible apartments, condos, and tiny homes in the heart of the city had me indulgently pondering a future where we lived somewhere small and walkable, maybe made of brick. Perhaps someday! I can’t know what will happen, but so long as I’m open to an idea I suppose that pushes it closer to being a reality.

We went to the only Dick’s with indoor seating – appreciated on such a warm day – and proceeded to flub our way through the ordering process. I hadn’t been in years and years, and I forgot that the menu items are unalterable. So when Morgan said, “No mustard, please,” the fatigued employee had to explain that all burgers come as-is. It was fortunate that, within the past few years, they began accepting debit and credit cards, because I also forgot that they were a cash only establishment. Whoops! Well, almost whoops.

At the end of the transaction there was a confusing incident where we thought one of our drinks had been forgotten, and the cashier didn’t seem pleased at the inadvertent accusation. It was a comical relief to finally have our food and be away from the Counter of Uncomfortable Moments, and as soon as we sat down we realized we were supposed to buy ketchup at the counter if we wanted it for our fries. Buuuuut the line was way long, so that wasn’t going to happen.

i got a chocolate milkshake

The burgers though, mm! Very tasty (understatement?). And fortunately their fries are flavorful enough that we made do without ketchup. We did agree that they could have used more salt, and upon exiting the restaurant we saw that there were salt packets up front. Next time we go to an unfamiliar counter-service eatery we should scope out their lobby before placing our order. Oy.

evidently this park has a lovely light show at night

During the walk back to my car we made a few pit stops so I could play Pokémon Go. I spend most of my time in a fairly rural area, so I’ve gotta take advantage when I’m in the city! To my great pleasure I was able to put Pokémon into two gyms*. Hold your applause, please. I had my eye out for a nice photo spot to take a few outfit pictures, but the sun’s position in the sky made for extremely harsh, blinding light, and nothing was really working for me.

*one of them was the park pictured above

these ones are alright though, thanks sweetie!

We weren’t far from the car when I spotted the perfect shady spot on a residential street. The backdrop was a stone wall covered in ivy, and the whole area was in the shadow of a hill (no squinting into the sun, yay!). I asked Morgan if he would take a few photos of me and turned to make sure the super narrow one-way street was clear; then, to my surprise, saw a car was coming. I stayed back on the sidewalk and waited… only to have the car pull up and park right next to me, effectively blocking the backdrop.

the two best views in the city ♡

I was so embarrassed! I hadn’t done anything wrong, but I turned away quickly and motioned for Morgan to come with me. As we walked I rambled about “the odds” of that happening and I’m pretty sure my cheeks were flushed, and I ended up too flustered to scope out any other locations.

Next time though. Next time I will pack my courage and determination, and I will have fun taking outfit pictures. This I promise to myself.

x – happy beast

Joshua Tree tank – jcpenny |Breathtaking Tiger Lillies Midi Skirt – modcloth |brown strap sandals – modcloth (sold out, but they’re by Blowfish)| gold and wood panel necklace – modcloth (but it’s sold out – might I recommend Mata Traders)

 shot with my Pixel 2 XL | edited with Adobe Lightroom App & A Color Story app


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