Halloween Spooky Decor

I want to talk about something that I’m gearing toward: my Halloween party! I’ve been hosting them since 2002 and it’s a tradition that I hold close to my heart. Always a costume party, naturally, and it is customary for me to serve my grandma’s ‘sloppy joes’ recipe as well as themed homemade sugar cookies.

As I plan for this year’s party I’ve been looking for inexpensive decorating options since most of my funds are going toward my wedding. I have a few pieces I reuse each year but I’m always looking to add a spooky new piece. So far this season I’ve purchased a fortune teller sign, potion bottles, and a skull on a stack of books from Michael’s, as well as a set of black and white vertical stripe curtains from Amazon.

In making those purchases, though, I came across a ton of awesome pieces that I want to share! I’m not into gore/slasher/horror Halloween things. I like the spooky, Victorian, tongue-in-cheek macabre type items instead. Hopefully next year I can add some of these to my collection:


1. Victorian telephone


Hullo? Who’s there? A ghost? A ghost who? Stop repeating me, this isn’t a joke!

2. Poison containers


Slip sugar and cinnamon in these to really surprise your guests.

3. Coffin lamp

lampI’d gladly swap out my hedgehog lamp for this one, but only during October :V

4. Skeleton cat

catI bought a rat skeleton for $3 from Safeway, so a cat is the next logical addition.

5. Crystal ball


Someone find a way to display a looping gif inside of this thing for maximum scare.

6. Candelabra


I like the concept of a candelabra more than I do in practice. That makes this decoration perfect!

7. Flying lessons

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 8.17.11 PM.pngThis has a bit of a Harry Potter vibe so honestly I’d keep this up year round.

8. Open spell book

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 8.16.18 PMThis works in literally any room. Most likely I’d put it in my kitchen.

9. Welcome sign

welcomeRight now my porch has a lot of pumpkins, large and small, and this would look so great next to them!

10. Glass coffin display box

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 8.11.40 PMA box like this would be perfect for collecting tinier, creepier objects. Teeth, for instance. One could make an excellent cemeterrarium, too.


Thanks for taking this spooky journey with me! Rounding up the items for this post was a lot of fun, and a very welcome break from everything – both personal and worldly. Do you have any good Halloween decorating ideas? Last year Rachel covered my living room ceiling in fake spiderwebs! It was a time-consuming pain in the ass, but it looked awesome and was super cheap.


My Halloween ~spot~ in the living room, complete with live black cat decoration 😉

x – happy beast



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