Menstruation Vibes – Illustration Series

Through the month of September I was working on an illustration series for my webcomic ‘A Bit of Miranda’. I created ten pieces that reflect some of the experiences and moods that come about while on one’s period. It was a great side project that was a ton of fun to work on, and I enjoyed collaborating with my friends to come up with amusing and relatable illustrations.

This is the first truly personal project that I’ve ever worked on. The first time I heard the phrase “real art takes bravery,” I honestly didn’t understand what that was supposed to mean. Clearly art is subjective, and we can make art for art’s sake, but I’ve finally learned that bravery is a necessary component. Bravery allowed me to create meaningful art about periods so that I can assist in the normalization and destigmatization of menstruation. I feel passionately about the subject, but in order to write/draw honestly I needed to shed the fear of judgment, ridicule, criticism, etc. The whole thing has been incredibly freeing and I’m looking forward to my next passion project.

Please enjoy my ‘Menstruation Vibes’ illustration series!

x – happy beast

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