Hunter Farms

My pumpkin needs were met this year by having a picture-perfect outing at a place called Hunter Farms. I’d never been before, but was assured it was a fantastic place. With little to no expectations for the day, except that I’d leave with a pumpkin and would probably go on a tractor ride, I set out with my friends. It took a little under an hour to get there and it was a lovely sunny day in the high 60’s – a welcome change from the fact that, most years, the pumpkin patches are swollen with water and a total mud fest.

The place was pretty packed, but didn’t feel too crowded. Parking was free, woo!, and we were greeted by the delicious scents of kettle corn, burgers, and other fair-like food offerings. The open space was scattered with bunches of pumpkins on display (and available for purchase) for those who didn’t want to partake in any of the offered activities. We wanted to have all the fun though, so we got in line to buy tickets for entry. For $5/person you get a bracelet that lets you access the pumpkin patch, tractor ride, corn maze, hay maze, and an exciting array of farm animals.

We spent an enjoyable half an hour looking at all of the animals and delighting in how adorable the baby pigs were. One in particular was hiding in the bushes, the only thing visible was its tiny round butt with its tail swinging wildly around. There were miniature donkeys, peacocks, goats, rabbits, and more. The whole place had such a pleasant and earthy vibe (obviously since it’s a farm, but you know), and I felt relaxed and refreshed while we walked around. Before getting on the tractor that would take us to the pumpkin patch we decided to duck through the hay maze. We encountered many giggling children who were running through it.

So, the tractor ride. I discovered halfway to the pumpkin patch that I apparently need a sports bra in order to be comfortable. My god. There was no room for good posture as I had to hunch over and hug myself! Also glad I took an allergy pill that morning because stray bits of hay were blowing around and into my eyes. Woo! Farms!

The pumpkin patch was enormous, and I’m grateful that it was a warm and dry day. The ground was full of trenches, naturally, and the pumpkins were very dirty. All of us forgot to bring a cleaning rag so my jeans were quite dusty by the end of the trip. Most of the pumpkins were very large and it was difficult to find one without a squishy spot. To return to the farm we had to wait in line for a tractor to pick us up, so my pumpkin choice was limited to what I could comfortably carry (spoiler alert: I’m not very strong). I mulled my way through lots of pumpkins before finally choosing. In the process I found a small one to carve, and a larger one with interesting colors and bumps to use as a porch decoration.

Our remaining time was spent standing in line to buy the pumpkins, eating some tasty hot dogs, and exploring the large greenhouses adjacent to the farm. Many families had dogs with them, and we enjoyed sitting and eating, watching the dogs sniff and trot excitedly around. The majority of the families we saw were all smiling and laughing, having a good time in the warm weather. It was pleasant, and felt quite like we were in a commercial for whatever the pumpkin patch equivalent is of Disneyland. Honestly I’m still struck by what a delightful day it was.

That night we carved our pumpkins and capped everything off by watching The Others, a damn spooky movie if I may say so. Extremely tense and unsettling with a few good jumps.

Happy Halloween everyone, and please enjoy the pumpkin tush!

x – happy beast

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